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Spring Breakers…Have fun but be safe


Spring Break Cautions & Tips
You made it U of L students!  It’s Spring Break!

According to a recent article about Spring Break, the travel industry predicts that 1.5 million students will partake in spring break this year, some even out of country. That’s a lot of students. Enough to make anyone second guess that decision to stay home on the couch instead of heading south for a few days.

But are you missing out? The article weighs in

 Large numbers of students reported getting sick from alcohol and having unprotected sex, sex with more than one partner, or group sex. A night of wild, unprotected sex with a stranger or two may sound like an adventure, but for too many it leads to a lifelong disease (like herpes or hepatitis) or an unwanted pregnancy. Alcohol poisoning can result in a trip to the local hospital and an unpleasant, highly dangerous end to the vacation.

Unplanned pregnancies or STDs are certainly possible consequences of a wild spring break.  (Check out this anti #YOLO picture here.)

But don’t judge too soon.  According to a study in 2009 at Penn State, many students are not succumbing to social pressures or even the “norms” of Spring Break:

Participants in a 2009 study of students’ motivations for going on spring break that was done at Penn State showed that most didn’t go to get wasted or to have uninhibited sex. Most students, in fact, reported that they go to vacation spots simply to get away from the usual routine of school, to have a relaxed vacation, to spend time with friends and family or just because they have nowhere else to spend the week their schools shut down.

However you spend your Spring Break keep in mind there are consequences for each and every action. But at the same time rest, relax, get a tan, and socialize.  And check out these tips below (from the same article) about how to stay safe!

Safety Tips from Students Who Have Been There

Tips from students who have gone on spring break and had a good time without getting into trouble sound terribly like what any good parent will tell you. Don’t let that stop you from taking care of yourself.

  1. Tell your parents or other people at home where you are going, who you’ll be with, and when to expect you back. Let them know how to reach you if necessary. Stay in touch to let them know you’re okay. They will worry less. You will be safer. Hopefully you won’t be one of those who drop out of sight. But if you are, it’s important that someone knows where you were supposed to be and who was with you.
  2. Use the buddy system. When you are in a bar or in a partying crowd, take care of each other. Don’t let yourselves get separated.
  3. Don’t go anywhere with strangers. No exceptions. See number 2. If you meet up with people who want to show you the town or take you to their homes, don’t.
  4. Be aware of your surroundings. Take a moment to assess the scene and to decide if it’s where you really want to be. Know where the exits are. Don’t let yourself get isolated.
  5. Know the local laws, especially if you are traveling outside the U.S.
  6. Don’t drink to the point that you’re out of control. Don’t drink anything given to you by someone you don’t know.
  7. Stay hydrated. Alcohol and sun are a bad mix that can result in dehydration and sun poisoning. Use sunscreen and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. (No, beer doesn’t count for hydrating.)
  8. Be firm and clear about boundaries. Stay out of situations where your intentions about sex can be misunderstood.
  9. Don’t have unprotected sex or do anything sexual that is against your own moral principles. When you get home, you’ll still be with the you that was there.
  10. Don’t carry all your money. Keep your return ticket and some cash in the hotel safe so you are certain you can get home.

And, yes, have fun. Just use the good sense you were born with while you do it and you’ll go home with a nice tan and no regrets.

Read the entire article here.

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The truth about the Abortion Pill from a college freshman.


On February 25, 2013 a college freshman took the abortion pill after discovering she was pregnant.  Just two weeks later, she writes to share her personal trauma and the regret of her choice on the Abort 73 website. Read parts of her story below.

She begins:

I’m 19 years old and I had an abortion a little over two weeks  ago.

She continues

At first, I was in shock (about the pregnancy), but I never even considered abortion. My boyfriend was supportive, said he wanted me to keep it, but also said that he will be there for me either way. … I wanted to keep it, but I started to think about how I have literally no money, and my family doesn’t either, and the stress I would put on my single mother who has been through enough.

She describes the process

I felt no different, except less nausea the next morning. When it came time to take the four pills that would empty my uterus. I was SO nervous. I took the recommended pain killers and anti-nausea pills, waited 30 minutes and then put those four little pills in my cheeks. It was 5:00. My boyfriend was there with me and neither of us had any idea what was coming next. The pills started to dissolve and I ran to the bathroom and vomited violently for about ten minutes. I locked my boyfriend out of the bathroom and jumped in the shower, I put my hand down there and felt myself start to bleed. After about 3 minutes in the shower I began to feel dizzy and I called out for my boyfriend.

When he walked into the bathroom, I told him I needed to go to a hospital, and he called the emergency hotline number they gave us. While he was on the phone, I saw a bright light, my hearing went completely out, and I passed out on the floor. After a couple minutes I awoke, and my hearing returned. My boyfriend told me they said the on-call wasn’t answering but that they’d call back in 30 minutes. They never did, so we called again and were told it’s normal and that I’ll be okay. I ran into the bedroom and put my heating pad on. It didn’t help at all. I was having VIOLENT contractions and the pain medicine did not help whatsoever. For 5-6 hours I laid in bed, dizzy, moaning and screaming in pain while I contracted and bled profusely. Finally, at around midnight I took another nausea pill and another Tylenol and ate some spaghetti and felt a little better but still felt the contractions. I tried to watch a movie but ended up falling asleep.

Her story concludes

The next morning, the pain was gone for the most part, but I felt like a different person completely. I felt emotionless. Empty. I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t talk. I thought I was going to die that night. And I sort of wished that I had. My boyfriend cries about it all the time now, and so do I. I constantly read other people’s stories about their regret and it makes me feel less alone. I would be seven weeks and two days today. All I can think about is my baby. What it would have looked like, how I wish I had a big belly with a happy, lively little kicking baby inside of it. I never even wanted kids and now I feel so much like I need to have one, to replace the loss of my first child. I am only 19, and I know that this is going to affect me for the rest of my life. I feel like it ruined me.

Her advice to women considering abortion:

If anyone is reading this who is considering abortion, let me tell you. It is never too late to change your mind. No matter what you are worried about, money, parents, your goals, YOU CAN DO IT. Pregnancy doesn’t mean your life is over, it just means you’re taking a different course. God gave you a blessing, appreciate it. The love you will feel for your child once you hold it on your arms will make you happier than anything else you think you’ll be “missing out on” by keeping it. If you weren’t supposed to have it, God would not have given you something you couldn’t handle. Abortion doesn’t just destroy your baby, it destroys you. It breaks your spirit, it changes you, and you’re better off having an unplanned baby than killing it. The damage will be much greater. I promise.

Read the entirety of her experience here.

If you are considering an abortion or find yourself in a crisis pregnancy. You are not alone.  Click the Contact Us tab above for more information. You may also visit http://www.awomanschoice.org

Recap of Silent No More 2013



Silent No More 2013 was nothing short of God faithfully answering prayers and moving through his Holy Spirit. A few minutes before the event began, we read this passage of Scripture with the panel and prayed backstage:

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation; that is, in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation. Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God. For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.
(2 Corinthians 5:17-21 ESV)

This passage emphasizes what Silent No More is really about:
1.) The gospel is able to make those who have chosen abortion new creations in Christ Jesus
2.) The gospel motivates us to implore others to be reconciled to God, in the same form of reconciliation we ourselves have found.

Our panel this year consisted of 5 individuals: Angela, Jamie, Mary Jo, Ashlee and Rocky.  They humbly and boldy shared their testimonies of abortion answering questions such as
-“Can you please describe the day you had the abortion performed?”
–“What were some of the circumstances surrounding your abortion decision? Ultimately, why did you choose to have the abortion?
–“How long did it take before you regretted your decision to have an abortion? What led to these feelings?”
–“How were you able to find healing and forgiveness from the guilt you felt over the abortion?”

The panel spoke for over an hour answering these questions and giving the audience an intimate window into their past. Each panel member was able to assert that they regretted their abortion, and had found grace, hope, and healing through the Lord Jesus Christ. They warned students of walking too quickly down the painful road of abortion, and to instead consider parenting or adoption.
At the conclusion of the event, the audience was invited to ask the panel any lingering questions.  We received three questions, two of which were appropriate and one was not.  Thankfully, the panel was able to gracefully and lovingly answer the young man’s question which was intended to cause dissension.  Praise the Lord!

-We want to praise the Lord that over 100 people attended last night!
-Each student received a 2 Ways to Live Tract in their program, and information about Post Abortion Counseling at A Woman’s Choice Resource Center.
-Four students signed up to receive more information about our Post Abortion Counseling
-One panel member wrote “After the event, I had four students come up to me asking to talk to me about dealing with depression.”
-One student reported “I came because the flyers were everywhere!”

Thank you to everyone who participated!
For more information on how to get involved on campus, please join us on OrgSync. You may also follow us on Twitter or Facebook.
**If you would like to speak with a panel member, please email AWConCampus@gmail.com